About Us

We started  our activity in 2006 as outpatient clinic called Physiotherapy Center, mgr Jarosław Dąbrowski.

Jarosław Dabrowski’s adequate background and experience gathered in the Hospital for Mazovian voivodeship and in Orthopedic Hospital name of Adam Gruca in Otwock was a basis for starting physiotherapy on his own. Jarosław’s few years of experience of being head of Health Club in Marriott hotel in Warsaw is also worth to mention. Combination of these two kinds of activities gave an opportunity to merge professional knowledge with a proper approach to patients who are our clients. Patients stay always in the center of interest of all our personnel. We are here to help you. Coming to us you are in good hands.

From the first months of our activity it became visible that the discopathy is the most often problem of people who come to us for help. We know how to treat it effectively. During our 6 years history we have had patients from Warsaw and surrounding area, from another cities in Poland as well as some people came from abroad.

We started from offering orthopedic consultancies and physiotherapy. During 6 years, gradually, we have been expanding our offer and today we provide medical services for children and for adults in the following areas:

  • physiotherapy
  • consultation of orthopedists, neurologists, rheumatologists*
  • diagnostics in the form of USG and MRI*

*Services regarding consultation of rheumatologists and MRI are provided by our partners in different locations.

We strive to ensure that all what concerns the apparatus of movement could be  diagnosed and treated in our outpatient clinic. We treat all diseases of the movement apparatus (including the spine) of adults and children in a comprehensive way: from the diagnosis, through consultation of the specialist physicians and up to physiotherapy. We address our services to Patients at every age. We offer orthopedic evaluation of development of the movement apparatus of infants, children and teenagers. We treat acute illnesses, chronic illnesses,  diseases after accident as well as sport injuries. We treat discopathies successfully. We encourage you to use our services also elderly and seniors. Contrary to popular opinions turns out to be successful at any age.

We take care about needs and abilities of our Patients. We want our patients were physically handicapped for the entire life.

From May 2012 we operate under the name FORUS Centrum Medyczne..