We offer medical consultations for children and adults. Our doctors represent the highest qualifications, medical knowledge and experience. They constantly get new information and knowledge in their area. They actively take part in many medical seminars and conferences in-country and abroad. Our specialists present very professional, friendly and holistic approach to a patient.

In our clinic a doctor listens and  hears what the patient says on his/her problems. Adequate medical interview in the beginning as well as good diagnostics examination, including direct contact with a patient – are the basis for the adequate diagnosis.

We have holistic approach to an apparatus of movement. Considering the principle: “first – do no harm” – we listen carefully what the patient says us, we examine and make tests that allow us properly evaluate the situation and to put adequate diagnosis and to assign proper therapy.

In case of medical consultation in our outpatient clinic, our doctors closely cooperate with physiotherapists, and with radiologists. This allows to make comprehensive assessment of a problem.

We offer medical consultancies for patients in every age.

One of the important element is to make assessment of the apparatus of movement of infant and then to make regularly an orthopaedic balance of children’s development. Early recognition of any kind of defects gives much higher probability to resolve it quickly and successfully.

We have complex treatment of the apparatus of movement in order to have consultations, diagnostics and physiotherapy in one place.