We provide you imaging diagnostics: Ultrasonography (USG) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

USG is a diagnostics examination, which allows to check in a very detailed manner all trauma or disorders of the ligaments, articular capsules, bursitis, tendons and muscles. It shows also traumas passed in the area of muscles and joints in parts, where X-Ray diagnostics is not able to do it. It applies to fresh traumas, as well as to old traumas which come back or which have never been treated. It is non-invasive examination, so it is fully safe.

MRI is a modern and the most precise imaging of apparatuses and tissues of human. MRI is an diagnostics examination applied in diseases of apparatus of movement. It allows for early diagnostics and planned treatment of many diseases. Images got during an examination provide very precise information about even the smallest changes going on in a human body.  MRI examination is painless and safe for a patient because it is not using X-Ray. Power of the electromagnetic field which is necessary for getting the good quality of images have no influence on patient’s health; neither during an examination nor after it.

While coming to us for USG or MRI, you are kindly asked to take with you all the formerly done images for the same part of your body.

Our partners who provide imaging diagnostics are ones of the best in Poland:

1. USG

PhD Malgorzata Serfin – Król

FORUS Centrum Medyczne

Patriotów Street 110, Warszawa – Wawer

Monday, Wednesday 18:30 – 21:00

Registration: tel. 22 33-22-153 lub 22 33-22-154


Wyszogrodzka Street 2, Warszawa – Bródno

Tuesday, Thursday  from 14:00, Wednesday: 9:00-15:00

Registration: tel. 502 – 207 – 385


2. MRI

PhD Jarosław Ryterski

Physician Andrzej Pytlewski


Warszawa, Wiertnicza Street 124 (at the corner with the street Łowczej)

Registration: 22 858 23 58 lub 858 23 59