Physiotherapy contains kinesiotherapy and physical therapy.

In the kinesiotherapy area, we offer individual exercises using Sling-Exercise-Therapy which are being executed on the modern equipment – Terapi Master. We do redressements, axial tractions, manual therapy and  therapeutic massages.

In the area of physical therapy we use the most modern generation of equipment, produced by Chanttanooga. Using them we do the following treatments: electrotherapy (all kinds currents), ultra sounds, phonophoresis and composed therapy. On top of it we offer laser therapy, magnetic therapy and kriotherapy by liquid nitrogen.

It is worth to know that liquid nitrogen allows to achieve the lowest therapeutic temperature and thanks to it is the most effective type of the local kriotherapy.

Physical therapy supports kinesiotherapy and acting together they allow to achieve full mobility in the shortest possible time.

We provide physiotherapy treatments for a human movement apparatus (in which spine) in case after surgical operations, post-traumatic, overloading and chronic. We effectively treat discopathy. We take care of all trauma caused by sport and/or by an accident. We provide treatments for people in all age: from infants to seniors. Physiotherapy is an effective method of treatment disregards of the age of a patient.

We help adults to restore their full performance as well as we offer children exercises correcting defects of posture. We organize individual exercises, advising sessions for their parents showing how to deal with the bad customs in the every-day life.

We provide physiotherapy services based on written medical advice (referral) from an orthopedist or neurologist or rheumatologist issued by any doctor in Poland.